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A watershed moment for me....

Posted by bruce lund on

A watershed moment for me....

It was doing leatherwork that prepared me later to start a toy Invention and Licensing business that veered and careened up, down and sideways, but succeeded and then some, over 35 years.   Leatherwork taught me how to do that, without ever considering that I might not be successful.   And it was very much so with our product being sold in almost every country on Earth.

I took over a retail store to operate for a year in Chapel Hill, NC, and very successfully I think.  And again, without hesitation I moved to San Antonio to begin a new leather business there, traveling mostly to shows from Dallas to San Antonio, from Galveston to Abilene, and Midland, TX.   Again, never thinking that I might not be successful.  Nieman Marcus came to me looking to collaborate with them.   (That is another tale......)

In an un air-conditioned garage shop.    And boy did I learn to sweat.....

PS:  And the image here is one of my leather mentor/master/genius Stu Martell, the most creative man I have ever known.   I have few of his things to show however.   Take my word, he was and is a genius.  

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