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One more time.....

Posted by bruce lund on

One more time.....

So.... I had a leather business in 1973-77,  as an apprentice first,  and then operating a the Leatherworks leather shop in Chapel Hill, NC until '75.  Then moving to San Antonio and the great State of Texas where I did shows from Houston to Galveston,  from Dallas to Abilene,  and many points in-between, and with a retail shop as well.   We were knows as Earthwerk.  Who knows where that came from.   It is where I learned to operate a business, and led me to start my toy invention business many years later.  

Back then the legendary Nieman Marcus inquired about carrying my product and I turned them down.  My goal was to get my product, whatever that may be, selling around the world.  That would come.


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