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Toys, and Leather, together at last......

Posted by bruce lund on

Toys, and Leather, together at last......

Award winning leather led to award winning toys, and hopefully,..... well we will see in time.   A few years in between, perhaps, but as my father used to say:  "If it is worth doing, it is worth doing right".  

Great toys, great leather.   More is on the way.  

So to begin doing leather again, I needed a new house, and large basement for my toy design business as we had closed our offices, and a shop to begin real work on leather.   Not big, nothing fancy, but some place to begin.  

Leather is a messy business.   Our toy shop was a bit of a mess most all the time as well.   Hard work makes mess.  A messy shop is something I am proud of each day.  Start clean and fresh the next day, and do it all again.  


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