What Is Responsible Leather?

Lund Leather is proud to use Responsible Leather for some of our high-quality leather goods. Responsible Leather is a more eco-friendly alternative to conventional leather in many ways. Here is some information about our Responsible Leather:
  • The leather we source is made using only 23,52 MJ/m2 of energy consumption and 0,06 m3/m2 of water consumption. 
  • 100% of leather waste is repurposed into organic fertilizer for agriculture
  • The dyeing techniques make use of a modern automated system which leads not only to products with a superior quality, but also to greater savings in energy, water, and chemicals. 
  • The finishing stages of production use smart grid technology. Together, with the use of water based fixatives (instead of solvent based ones) the factory is able to offer significant air pollution cuts and important energy savings which include an 80% decrease in pigments and polluting particles in the scrubber; 10% decrease of specific energy consumption; 35% decrease of steam used during the drying process; and 30% decrease of spray drying air consumption. 
  • Green energy is utilized during the production of the leather, using a photovoltaic system with a rated power of 160 kWp/year. 

 Have questions about Responsible Leather? Give us a shout at hello@lundleather.com.